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A collection of charming and elegant hotels in France.  The Saint James Albany Hotels provide a subtle and unique ambiance, inspired by lovely private hotels and alluring abodes.  Through various styles and different individual character, we found the perfect combination to create a genuine and convivial atmosphere crossed with modern comfort.  A link between the art of entertaining and sharing emotions, the spirit of the Saint James Albany Hotels is conveyed through the pursuit of excellence in every day life and the preservation of a cultural heritage marked by history. 

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Exploring France by your side

Weekend plans, themed getaways, with the whole family or for business...all in a warm and accommodating atmosphere!  Giving you a medley of your desires and various travel plans, our collection of hotels encourages you to experience different and unique getaways in France, in the heart of Paris, Avignon, or Burgundy.  From the secret gardens in Avignon, to shopping and lights of Paris, to rich culinary experiences in Burgundy, our team of trained professionals is here at your service.  Through the magical places and meetings, our hallmark is to pay attention to detail and to maintain your long-lasting satisfaction.  Welcome to our home! 

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Charming destination in the centre of Avignon,

The Cloître Saint Louis Hotel is a preserved and timeless place in the heart of Avignon.  Equipped with car park, swimming pool and choice restaurant, the hotel invites you all year long to come and discover the charming and relaxing region of Avignon throughout the different seasons.  

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Spacious rooms in the centre of Avignon,

A place where Provencal style meets modern comfort located in the heart of Avignon, the 4-star Avignon Grand Hotel is the perfect place to spend your holiday getaway, discover the Provencal culture, and organise your business seminars.  Alongside our partners, with a catalogue of fun activities, incentives and team building, we provide...

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An authentic charming and luxury hotel in Paris Louvre Rivoli

Remarkable surroundings including Andalusian patio in the centre of Paris and a view of the Tuileries Gardens, you can share and savour these precious moments or go and explore our mansion where luxury and charm meet.  Our 4-star hotel is the perfect place to spend your holiday, Parisian soirées, residential seminars, training sessions, weddings, in addition to relaxing weekends in our haut couture well-being spa in Paris.  Paris Shopping, Paris by night, Paris Culture, one unique destination for a multitude of activities and desires.  Come experience it with us!

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Charming destination in Burgundy,

La Petite Verrerie Hotel welcomes you into its peaceful paradise surrounded by beautiful greenery for holiday getaways in the heart of the epicurean region of Burgundy.  Enjoy your holiday, overnight stay, or business trip by taking in the cultural richness of the surrounding region.  Leisurely walks, cultural activities, sports…enough to fill your agenda! 

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